Our achievements

The Hungarian higher education ranking has a history of more than 10 years and today, despite the professional debates in connection with it, the ranking has integrated in a stable way into the world of discourses about higher education and the world of marketing, and into the circles of the public opinion’s information sources.

Every year the competition among the higher education institutions is growing; it is indispensable for a university today that they have information about their own operation, recruitment attractiveness, the employment of their graduates, and about the university’s position in various scientific and educational fields.  

Currently there are many higher education registers, statistical databases and information systems at our disposal but without the extensive knowledge of these data sources it is very difficult to get up to date, relevant and reliable pieces of information about the given institution, and to make benchmark type, comparing analyses. The data of certain institutions in connection with themselves are always necessarily more up to date and more exact than the central, state databases with their too often-changing themes and demands, therefore getting information from the given institutions can provide more precise and rightful results.

Below you can find information about our institutions’ achievements and specialities in mostly figures and statistics. The data are up to date, authentic, and the main thing is that they are based on verifiable sources and we hope that they help our dear visitors in finding the pieces of information they are looking for.